The forté of AllyUp is A-to-Z branding and design for small companies and start-ups. A 360° approach to branding and design from one agency can be invaluable to those who only have time to focus on the core of their business. 

Branding & Design

The success of small businesses relies on brand image.
AllyUp Services provides comprehensive design to represent your brand succinctly.


Digital & Physical

Whether our clients require digital services or those that are tangible, we will build a team that has the experience necessary to provide the best of either, or both in conjunction.


Flexible & Unique

We offer one-off services and ongoing projects, because we recognise that not all our clients are the same, nor are their needs. Our catalogue below lists the many services which we are able to utilise separately or together.


Our Services

Identity Development (Branding)

Successful branding achieves the delivery of a clear message to your target market and establishes customer relationships. A brand is dependent on its perception in the minds of others, and to help guide these perceptions, companies employ branding strategies and tactical marketing campaigns. Great quality branding builds a loyal customer base and is vital for the long-term success of any business.

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Digital Strategy / Social Media Branding

Branding and design through social media has become industry standard because in this digital age representing your brand through social networks is what can drive your customers through the roof. Not only this but social media offers almost limitless potential for moulding the perfect perception of your brand due to its many different aspects and highlights. Sites from Twitter to Pinterest and beyond can all be utilised to help build your brand.


Marketing is a tactical approach to selling certain products, while keeping the strategy of the brand close at hand. Even large well-established brands such as Burberry have been known to suffer branding catastrophes due to a lack of harmony between their marketing practices and branding strategy. Campaigns need to be coordinated in-tune with the brand to limit customer confusion and the perception of the brand consistent and clear at all times.


The key to a successful rebrand is a clear vision as to why the brand is going to be changed. The logo could be outdated, or it could be the whole brand that needs to be reinvented and cast out into the market. Moulding the perception of a business requires attention to the subtlest of details and an understanding of the business at hand- what it is and what it represents- so our team works closely with clients to build a fresh and comprehensive identity for your business.

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Logo Design

A logo is the interpretation of a brand through an iconic mark or logotype- the visual that serves as an instantly recognisable calling card for a company. Ethos and essence of the products and/or services a business provides may also be included in the logo. 

Consultation is a key factor in the logo design process, so AllyUp dedicates as much time as possible toward consultations with clients, and commits to any research that may be necessary. 

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Business Strategy

AllyUp Services is available to consult companies regarding their business model, structure and organisation, and development. Business model analysis will assess the supply and demand relationship present in your company; essentially, how your business is making money.  

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Advertising & Promotions

A marketing plan is important for product sales, therefore AllyUp Services provides advertising tactics to promote products to the right market.

Event Branding & Design

"Every day we are bombarded with countless marketing messages, most of which we choose to ignore. Marketing through events enables brands and companies to achieve cut-through in a dynamic, targeted and measurable way.

We provide event and brand design services that are build around core brand values, crafted to target audiences and proven to drive awareness and engagement. We also know that much of the anticipation and excitement – the all important ‘buzz’ – is generated prior to the event, so we’ve perfected our hype skills appropriately."

Commerce & E-commerce

AllyUp is prepared to design any commerce experience, whether it be walking through a shop or updating an e-cart. We prepare the ways users are introduced to and interact with products in any setting. This service can be used for current outlets as well as concepts for future stores.  

Packaging Design

Not only must product packaging make sense in terms of visual presentation, reflecting the product itself and its brand, but it must also be accessible, engineered for ease-of-use.

Product Photography

From clothes to food, we have photographers available to capture your product(s) and/or company in the best way possible. Perfect for use on websites and in brochures. 

Site Appraisal

Site appraisal is the assessment of your location's viability in relation to your intended use. We research extensively and report on the prospects for your company to physically establish there. Appraisal comprises an initial written assessment and will review a wide variety of factors to enable conclusions to be reached. 

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Environment Design and Interior Design

Aesthetics are an important component of any interior design project but a professional interior designer focuses on much more than appearance. Our interior designers oversee the complex tasks of designing and managing the construction of interior environments. Whether designing a commercial office, retail environment, recreation facility, or public institution, we integrate aesthetic with brand or purpose.

We analyze the goals and image of our clients to design the most suitable interiors for their needs.

"Environment branding can be an extremely powerful tool, offering engaging, often multi-sensory brand experiences that consumers will love and not forget in a hurry... whether you want to create an impact through visuals, sounds, smells, music, whatever, we can help you create unique real-life, real-time experiences."

Model Making

We can provide bespoke signs, POS displays, window displays, and more. Made by hand in the UK, we assure high quality one of a kind items for your shop or stall.

User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design

UX design is gaining traction, and for good reason. The long-lasting importance of marketing, and understanding consumer behaviour, blend with design to ensure a positive interaction between websites and their users.  Usability is at the forefront of UX design, which is why we incorporate bespoke interaction design and information architecture to build the most accessible UI (user interface) for your business.

Website Design

Our website design services are dedicated to creating the most aesthetically appropriate and pleasing look for your website. Our designers emphasise client brands by working constructively with lines, shapes, colour, texture, etc. AllyUp Services is prepared to design for all website styles, including portfolio sites and e-commerce platforms.

Website Development

Web development is concerned with programming websites so that interactions between the site and users are possible. AllyUp developers are equipped to handle sites on all popular content management systems (CMS), including Wordpress and Magento.  

Content Management & SEO

AllyUp Services audits SEO and content, making recommendations that help businesses to gather traffic. It is easy to overlook the little things when focused on operations, products, etc. 

Direct Mail & E-mail Marketing

AllyUp guides our clients on how to approach direct marketing techniques and can also provide e-mail templates for newsletters, etc.

Business Stationary Design

Business cards and letterheads, streamlined and designed with your brand in mind.  

Corporate Reports

Corporate reports come across more professional and become more legible when a design is presented to streamline information. 

Software & Games Testing

If you are in the process of developing software, or even a game, AllyUp is there to help with beta testing.  

We search for bugs and create reports to streamline your development process.